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Erica Lewis is President & CEO of Emerald Stone Photography – an award-winning wedding enterprise that services the Mid-Atlantic region. She established her company in 2012 and now has an exceptional growing team of wedding professionals who continue to exceed client expectations.


Emerald Stone Photography is rated Top 5% of Wedding Photographers in the nation according to WeddingWire and has been featured in multiple publications in both print and film, including Say Yes to the Dress on TLC.


Erica’s passion continues to flourish each day and she remains devoted to providing exceptional service to her team, clients, and wedding industry partners.

Full of Passion

Family, business (weddings, events, and so much more!), investing, coffee, day trips, and intentional time.
Special needs mama & and advocate for neurodiversity acceptance and autism awareness.
True believer that everything happens for a reason and anyone can live the life of their dreams.

Printed memories ~ wall art, albums, everything!

Connect with Erica here!


We’ve been named TOP 5% of Wedding Photographers in the US!

We've won 8 Awards with WeddingWire's Couples Choice Awards (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023)

We have an abundance of raving reviews from our clients + a 5 Star Rating on Google

As Seen On WUSA9 News

We’ve been Featured on Say Yes to the Dress!

Wedding Photography As Seen On HGTV's House Hunters

We’ve been published in the Baltimore Sun




– Teddi and Darren

– Our Emerald Stone Team –
Alexis Headshots-8.jpg
Marketing Specialist


Hi, I’m Alexis and I am thrilled to join the Emerald Stone team as the marketing specialist! My tasks will be a bit more hidden, however you may see me at a wedding show, on instagram stories or taking behind the scene shots of one of our photographers at a wedding!

I attended Kutztown University where I received a degree in Communication Studies. While attending Kutztown, I had the privilege of doing an internship at a wedding venue and that is when my passion grew for this industry. I love the uniqueness of each wedding and how you can learn so much about a couple from one day. 

In my free time, I am usually with my family/friends, working out or spending time outside. I’m a lover of the beach, a good cup of cold brew and country music. 

Josh Headshots December 2018-12.jpg
Lead Photographer

My grandfather has always been one to get the details right. Use the best archival materials, keep learning and create something worth keeping. Heirlooms. It’s how I was raised.

I try to incorporate those life lessons in everything I do, from picture-taking to parenting my little girl, and being a good husband. Your memories are important, and I respect that. As a photographer, my goal is to create timeless portraits that are influenced by my love of cinema. Bright, clean and vibrant colors, captured photographs that reflect the client, not the pose.

I’m a technical guy, and I love to use flash lighting to enhance the photograph. I don’t want to be limited by natural light but I strive to create a finished photograph that embraces it, even if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Some say that editing makes the photograph. I disagree. While some minor editing may be necessary, a well-composed, beautiful portrait doesn’t require it.

What is required is a connection. You need to feel comfortable with inviting a photographer into your special day. You want to feel that click. I do too. Yes, I’m a photographer by trade, but I think it’s more than a business transaction. My photography is based on strong family traditions and values. This business is based on relationships, developed over time. I’d like to be the one you turn to for those exciting times in your lives.


High-End Lighting Styles & Creative Night Time Photography.

Lead Photographer

Hi, I am Bryan! I recently got married in December 2018 to my beautiful wife Laikyn, and I am the father of two crazy, furry children. When it comes to the way I live my life, I would say I follow my heart and don’t necessarily take the wide path.  I decided to skip out on college and a 9 to 5 job to chase a dream and my passion.

At the core of who I am, you will find a math and science geek. I love knowing the how’s and the why’s, and I love thinking creatively and challenging my brain. I love using natural light and flash in creative ways to bounce and reflect, illuminating my subject and capturing fleeting moments in the most beautiful way possible.  To me, photography is an art, which requires a trained eye and the ability to think outside the box. Each image is a priceless moment and work of art that will stand the test of time.


Modern & Artistic Luxury Lighting Style & Exceptional Documentary Imagery.

Lead Photographer

Hi I’m Samantha! Even before it was a profession, photography had always been something I gravitated towards. All throughout high school and college, I was that friend who forced everyone to take a group photo. I was the one documenting (and a lot of times annoying!) everyone and everything around me. I was the one saying "just one more I promise!"


In my spare time when you don't find me hiding behind a camera, I do have a few other hobbies that keep me busy. Twice a week I strap on my skates and hit the track with the Black Rose Rollers, Hanover PA's one and only roller derby league! I go by the alter ego Green Eggs & Sam, or as my teammates affectionately refer to me as, “Eggs.” (Because Sam was just too easy, of course!)


Other than photography and roller derby, i'm a pretty simple gal. I love to travel wherever and whenever I can with my husband, Robbie. We're always adding new places to our travel bucket list! When we're not traveling (or daydreaming about traveling) we love to play board games and chill with our border collie Apollo, and our kitties, Savannah and Naomi.


Natural light portraiture, and fun, interactive posing.

2nd Photographer
Lead Photographers Assistant

Hi, I'm Laikyn! I love helping people feel beautiful and confident throughout the whole photography process, and capturing people in the best possible way. It is so amazing to be able to photograph a wedding day exactly as it unfolds and helping couples be able to remember their wedding day in a truly authentic way. In my free time, I love spending time with my husband Bryan and our animals, I love to go hiking and biking, and I love listening to podcasts. 


Creative posing techniques with a wonderful personality! 2nd Photographer & Assistant to our Lead Photographers with High-End Lighting & other Luxury Equipment.

Screen Shot 2022-02-04 at 12.56.39 PM.png
Lead & 2nd Photographer

Jennie and Kathy work as a team, or independent. They are both incredibly talented photographers, and can lead your day, or serve as a 2nd photographer for maximum coverage. 


A note from Jennie & Kathy ~ As a mother-daughter photography team, we absolutely love working together to create beautiful wedding day & event portraits. We started photography many years ago and are passionate about capturing life's special moments. We are currently located in the central PA area.


Aside from photography, we both are teachers and enjoy playing tennis and spending time with our family. We can't wait to meet you!


Candid & natural light photography with a great attention to detail.

Matt Brown.png
Lead Photographers Assistant

Hi, I'm Matt! I work with Emerald Stone's Lead Photographers to help plan and set up at weddings, operate lighting & photo equipment, and offer creative and technical advice to the photographer(s) on your Wedding Day. I also keep track of your wedding schedule, shot lists, assist with family & bridal party formals, and pay great attention to detail during every event throughout your day. 


Assisting the ESP Lead Photographer with High-End Lighting & other Luxury Equipment.

Screen Shot 2022-08-15 at 2.18.52 PM.png

James “Jae” Pack Jr began experimenting with video editing in 2012 by ripping videos from YouTube to create music video concepts for his music production team before he even picked up a camera. Jae has been involved with various visual and performing art mediums since the age of 9. This includes, drawing, painting, music production and playing musical instruments like the saxophone which he pursued from the age of 9 to 17. Naturally, this translates to his creativity in cinematography. He now pursue videography Full-time, and treats his Videography business like a full-time job with long hours of editing to ensure he can deliver to his clients within the contract terms. Beyond being passionate about the artistry, he is also dedicated to bringing outstanding customer service to all clients.


Thesis FIlm Headshot.jpeg

Chibuzor Onyemenem is a Nigerian-born filmaker, writer, and director who currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland.

He holds a bachelor's degree in media production from Salisbury university, where he interned with PAC14 to create programs highlighting up-and-coming artist in Maryland and the surrounding region. He holds a Masters of Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Who's love for storytelling drives him to work on various projects from fictional narratives to documentaries, and experimental work. Working on stories that highlight marginalized groups and immigrants, lending a voice to the voiceless.


– More Exceptional Emerald Stone Associates –


"it was literally the only thing we had left..."

This slideshow displays one of the most special photo albums to me that was left unharmed during our house fire.

We all have a reason we love photography and why we get such joy from sharing photos of loved ones with our family and friends. This is my story.

I was only 6 years old, nearing the end of first grade, and the night is still a blur. On this night a tragedy happened - my family and I experienced a house fire. I was so little at the time, and the only memory I have is sitting in an ambulance with my younger brother, wrapped in a blanket, watching the flames take over our house. Literally everything, every room in the house burnt - except the closet in my moms room. Do you know what is so special about this closet? It held years and years and YEARS of memories. All of the printed photos and picture albums my mom cherished were tucked away in this closet. After such a tragedy had struck that night, this was all we had left.

These photos have even more meaning than they ever did before. Now my mom gets to share all of her memories with me from her photographs that were saved that night in the fire. I get to enjoy looking back at them over the years and share them with my two children. I had the opportunity to share them with friends and family when it was time to create framed photos and slideshows for my own wedding. This is why it is so important for me to share my story with you, to show you the true value in printed photography.

Photos have even more meaning for the people who are not in the photos. The parents, the grandparents, the children, or the grandchildren who aren’t even born yet... Photography gives us those slices of time that allow our imagination to fill in the story.

Keeping your engagement session & wedding alive through print is something embedded into everything my team and I do. 

From how we photograph to the end result of albums and prints.

I whole-heartedly believe that printed photos are timeless, because sometimes, it's all you have left.

The slideshow above displays a few images I captured of one of the most special photo albums to me that was left unharmed during our house fire. This albums holds memories of me when I was little, special moments with my mom, dad, family members I love, and some I've lost. I am so thankful to have these printed memories with me today.

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