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Printed Memories


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The Purpose

You can’t pass down your phone, computer, or USB drive to your children or grandchildren. Your album is a visual reminder of your commitment to one another. It allows you to relive your day in a way that digital files just can’t. Your album will be treasured by your family and friends as they look through it during the holidays for years to come. Printing your photos in an album will allow you to experience them in the way they’re intended to be seen – as a story.

For me, our printed memories were literally all we had left.

Read more, below.

A Few Things to Know 

95% of our couples purchase an album from their engagement session. You got all done up. Spend a lot of time together with your photographer. Let's preserve your memories in a tangible way so you can remember why you're on this amazing adventure together.

On average, couples spend between $550 -1,300 on products from their engagement session. 

There will be specials available (they are always rotating based on what my print lab is offering), however, time may be limited on these specials. 

Pricing Below - subject to change (based on current print lab pricing)


6x6 (Parent) Album // 20 Page | 400

 8x8 Album // 20 Page | 800

 10x10 Album // 20 Page | 1,000

 12x12 Album // 30 Page | 1,200

Cover Options

Included – LINEN (Soft, Elegant & Smooth)

Included – LEATHER (Genuine Leather)

Upgrade | 100 - CAMEO (Your Favorite Cover Photo on Landscape Cameo)

Upgrade | 200 – CRYSTAL (Your Favorite Cover Photo with a Beautiful Crystal Overlay)


Each 10 Page Bundle | 400

Each Additional Page | 50

Cover Embossing / Text | 100

Keepsake Box | Starting at 60

Adding additional pages ensures that your story is as complete as possible.

The number of pages will vary for each engagement session & wedding album.

Parent/Gift Albums

Duplicate Albums are the base cost of album + 20% Discount

(this is an exact duplicate of your album)

 8x8 | 640

 10x10 | 800

 12x12 | 960

Special Pricing

There will be specials available (they are always rotating based on what my print lab is offering).

Leather Cover Options
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6 Ways to Use Your Engagement Photos

Save the Dates

Engagement photos are perfect for save the date cards. You can get really creative with different props displaying your wedding date during your session to let friends & family know when your big day is approaching.
Custom Save-the-Date options available through Emerald Stone Photography, and will be designed outside of our reveal party.

Album / Guest Book

Creating a personalized album / customized guest book is a great way to display your engagement photos. You can keep your guest book simple with an image on the cover, pages filled your favorite images, and blank pages for guests to sign or you can make it a little more personal. Some couples have included a few pages in the sign in book that lets their guests know how they met, fell in love and end up saying 'I Do”.

Emerald Stone Photography will have this pre-designed for you! We can simply add blank pages to transform your album into a guest book for friends & family to sign. 
Custom Guest Book Prices Starting at 800 (8x8), with an average investment of 1200.

Photos for Your Home

There is no better way to start the new life you will be sharing than decorating your new home with your photos. Having your engagement images hanging on the walls in frames around your home is the perfect way to remember the special bond you two share.

Custom Framed Canvases, Metal Prints, and other wall art options available through Emerald Stone Photography.

Luxury Quality Prints available through Emerald Stone Photography, and can be purchased directly within your gallery:

4x6 | 9

5x7 | 15

8x10 | 25

11x14 | 35

16x20 | 55

20x30 | 85

30x40 | 155

Displaying at Your Wedding

There are many ways you can use your engagement photos to decorate your reception venue. You can have large prints made to line the walls of your venue or have a few framed and allow your guest to sign it.

Photo Montage for Reception or Rehearsal Dinner

Having a sideshow playing as your guests enter the reception area or even to show at your rehearsal dinner is a great way to get your guest talking and adds a little sentimental value. It's a great opportunity to add a few of your engagement photos in it!

Printed Memories for Family & Friends

Your albums and prints will be treasured by your family and friends as they look through your memories for years to come. 

Family members are the people who want to see your photos the most. They want to hold those memories close to their heart. A parent album is the perfect gift for a parent or grandparent to be able to have those memories.

A parent album can be an exact version of your engagement or wedding album, or something designed custom just for them.

It is the perfect holiday or special occasion gift for family members. I can guarantee that they will show you off to all of their friends too when they receive their album!


"it was literally the only thing we had left..."


This slideshow displays one of the most special photo albums to me that was left unharmed during our house fire.

We all have a reason we love photography and why we get such joy from sharing photos of loved ones with our family and friends. This is my story.

I was only 6 years old, nearing the end of first grade, and the night is still a blur. On this night a tragedy happened - my family and I experienced a house fire. I was so little at the time, and the only memory I have is sitting in an ambulance with my younger brother, wrapped in a blanket, watching the flames take over our house. Literally everything, every room in the house burnt - except the closet in my moms room. Do you know what is so special about this closet? It held years and years and YEARS of memories. All of the printed photos and picture albums my mom cherished were tucked away in this closet. After such a tragedy had struck that night, this was all we had left.

These photos have even more meaning than they ever did before. Now my mom gets to share all of her memories with me from her photographs that were saved that night in the fire. I get to enjoy looking back at them over the years and share them with my two children. I had the opportunity to share them with friends and family when it was time to create framed photos and slideshows for my own wedding. This is why it is so important for me to share my story with you, to show you the true value in printed photography.

Photos have even more meaning for the people who are not in the photos. The parents, the grandparents, the children, or the grandchildren who aren’t even born yet... Photography gives us those slices of time that allow our imagination to fill in the story.

Keeping your engagement session & wedding alive through print is something embedded into everything my team and I do. 

From how we photograph to the end result of albums and prints.

I whole-heartedly believe that printed photos are timeless, because sometimes, it's all you have left.

If our house were ever to catch on fire again, I am grabbing only a few things: our family, and our albums. I never want to lose those moments.

The slideshow above displays a few images I captured of one of the most special photo albums to me that was left unharmed during our house fire. This albums holds memories of me when I was little, special moments with my mom, dad, family members I love, and some I've lost. I am so thankful to have these printed memories with me today.

Your engagement session & wedding day are one of the few days that you will want to relive and share for years to come.

At the end of the day, please print your photos.

Photos were meant to be printed and shared.

You will not regret it!

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