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Your Session - What to Expect

Your child's photo session will be held in a familiar environment with familiar faces: Connections - EIAS! :) This will be a fun, candid, no-stress photoshoot to achieve great photos of your child & showcase their personality.

Each session will be approximately 5 mins in length, with no limit on how many edited photos you will receive. We will edit every good photo we capture! 

The cost per child is $35, and will include our session time, image-editing, a combined (password protected) online gallery of images, print release, and $5 print voucher. Payments can be made via cash in a labeled envelope, and given directly to a Connections staff member no later than 1 day prior to your session. Venmo payments are also accepted, and can be made out to @ericalewis86 (owner of Emerald Stone).

Child Model
Child Model
Shy Child

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